So I just installed Android 11 on my OnePlus 6T with the 18.0 release of LineageOS. Screen recorder built-in that can finally record system sound and play it too (there used to be a Magisk module but that couldn't play system sound while recording it, everything else is just through the mic) and some doodads like the selection for where to blast your music into has been moved more into view... Epic.

And then comes the Scoped Storage. Oh boy were the Android devs right to hate the guts out of it. It's so fucking slow. Seriously, on that exact device with Android 10, blazing fast. That storage is far from cooked. On Android 11.. have a directory with a thousand or so files, and it takes 5 goddamn seconds to open the directory with them in it. And even with external file managers that you give storage access like usual! Except when you root your device and use a root file manager, then it's fast again. Because that's using the shell instead.

I never thought I'd be able to say this to be honest. The shell is faster than the native tools. Let that sink in for a moment. The shell is faster than the native tools. How on Earth did Google think that this is tolerable?! For security, are you kidding me? Yeah I'll just use the root account for fucking everything in all that security, to have a functioning system!

Android 10 was also initially planned to have this terrible storage system, but due to developer backlash, Google waited a release and it was optional there. That wasn't just time for developers to adapt to Scoped Storage. That should've also been time for Google to actually make it usable.

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    You guys have OnePlus in Belgium!?

    Lucky Bastard
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    For a bit more background knowledge.

    Yeah. It sucks.

    And One Plus is just a brand. It isn't "exceptional"
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    Does it have Live Captions?
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    Crap... This would be the death of Android maybe. If your gonna make the FS same as Apple's... Maybe I'll just get a iPhone....

    The differentiating point of Android is that I let's you basically have things however you want it.

    All I can think of saying is FUCK Pichai... Ever since he became CEO or since Larry and Page left, Google is turning into Apple and a corporate behemoth...
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    @donuts I've seen an option for it in the settings yes, but it's not called live captions anymore and it doesn't seem like it's "universal" either. Certainly not on the scope of "whatever app you want blasts out sound and Google tries to caption it". I'm not sure what to think about this release.
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    @Condor looks like just regular captions?
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    @donuts not sure, I don't use the feature myself... I've searched for live captions in the settings and nothing turned up. Could be this being still rather preview-ish, or the ROM not including it, or Android not having it anymore.. no idea to be honest.
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    @Condor thanks. Google decided to limit it to their phones.... Thought they'd finally see the light in 11 but guess I'll save myself the trouble of upgrading when it comes out...

    Its technically part of Android... Like Daydream... But if your not on a Google phone or a "supported device" only way is to hack it on (aka rooting).

    I have an unsupported OnePlus 6 even though it's specs blast Google phones way out of the water...
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