A while back a buddy and I were keen on making an MMORPG that for a variety of reasons just didn't work out.

Game development is an exercise in futility unless you have a LOT of time and a LOT of willpower. Unfortunately, where the project would have taken at least both of us, only one of us was able to actually do the work. I'll leave it up to you to figure out which one of us it was :|

It sucks because it was a stellar idea, the art style was going to be amazing, and I had already began working hard on a lot of the music. My best musical work to date, just sitting private on my soundcloud, unused and collecting dust.

Listening to them now still fills me with that glimmer of hope to a degree, but it's bittersweet.

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    MMOs are an exercise in masochism due to the sheer scope of the workload. They take literal centuries of dev/artist/musician/writer/animator/tester work time.

    It’s simply not something two people can pull off — unless you’re looking to skimp in most areas (like Realm of the Mad God).
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    @Root We were building a custom engine too. On top of BGFX. Got pretty far with that, actually. But it's always, ALWAYS the art assets that take exponentially longer than you anticipate.

    Plus a good system design always makes me second guess myself which I hate doing. The last thing I wanted was to get so far in that a refactor wasn't feasible.

    TBH we could have pulled it off, it just would have taken a year or two. There was no guarantee it'd make us any money though so I think that's why he pulled off of it.
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    Indie game dev is fucking awesome, but you always need to set a realistic scope for projects (both in terms of programming features and asset building pipelines). And for that you need experience. And to get the experience you actually need a lot of time and willpower, I agree.
    It's also a field filled to the brim by delusional people, so team building is EXTREMELY tricky.
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