How do y'all deal with reading other people's code?

Context: was given a frontend project (I'm a frontend dev) that was started and is managed by a backend dev who just started doing frontend.

I want to start from scratch as I don't understand a thing he codes, conventions are all off, and the structure is just weird.

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    Do you want an enemy or a coworker you get along nicely?

    If you want an enemy do the rewrite on your own.
    If you want an ally work with your back end dev. He has put work into this maybe he's even proud? Talk to your higher up and ask if it was ok if you two could spend some time together to learn from each other. Teach him how it's done.
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    If I'm the backend dev, I'm not gonna care if you rewrite because I hate frontend but I'm not your backend dev, fortunately. Schedule a session with him then ask what certain things are for and why they are the way they are. Exhaust him until you hear that big hard sigh then ask if you could rewrite it instead.
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    Top to bottom, left to right, following the order of symbolic traces.
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    Team up, start nice and gauge. Sometimes devs just throw shit together when pressing for a deadline and it turns into an spaghetti fest. Dude might be as excited as re-doing it as you, specially with a partner that might be understanding, patient, cool and willing to coah and not treat him like a noob for going through whatever hell he had when he wrote it. If that is the case, build trust and partnership, fuck elitism.

    You never know when someone's positive idea of YOU might take you to better places .

    If the dude is a cunt about it and thinks his code is glory on earth then approach it in a sistematic way, meetings and code partnerships for which you can plan a proper restructuring and show higher ups that you are the ace in the sleeve, the man with the plan, the big pee pee dude that has solutions rather than pride races.

    Make us proud my G, you already made me proud by asking for a proper way to handle shit, you got this.
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    @AleCx04 thank you!
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