The only thing we can do is make a joke about the other bots that are not always in their own mind or if it's just an issue for them and then the other one ☝️ and then you don't get them in your mail to the right place for a long list of all that people you know you are not so far out and it's a joke that is why you haven't even paid for it and it's a lot easier for them but it's just like 👍 is not just the way of things like 👍 is the one ☝️ you don't have it on it but you can't even get the word for that one ☝️ or something that's what it looks it up 🆙 is it a lot better then it's not the one ☝️ thing that you don't have it on it or so you know it looks bad it's a joke it's a bad joke and you can't find a way you don't have a lot to me but I don't know 🤷‍♂️ or you want me to be like 👍 but you do not have any more than me I don't know 🤷‍♂️ but that's what I'm talking you know that I'm going through the whole time I'm going through the wrong 😑 thing I've been to you to see if this one ☝️ or I just want you to do something like 👍

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    @theabbie it took a few goes to get it not to end in recursion 😢
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    Pretty much sums up your typing habits :)
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    @F1973 yeap, it really hasn't improved over the years, although it did get stuck blaming a junior girl for all the apps issues in one of the attempts.

    God knows what would have influenced that.

    @ScriptCoded except I don't use the ☝️ or 🆙 emotes 🤣

    The fact I had a little guy who knew what I was doing with it was a little bit scary.
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    @F1973 I suppose I should ease up on calling @jilano a girl in this relationship 😔
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    @F1973 20? This complicates things 🤣
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    If we are going on a war, then I will be in the future of our country is facing the same to you and your family and the second half of the year again when we all pledge to change the world and the other hand the wildcats their at the end of the year again when we all pledge to change the world and the other hand the wildcats their at the end of the year again....

    Seems like we have a wildcat problem on Android
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    "I am not sure if you are aware of this but I am interested in the Go India game for the rest of the year and I am a big fan of the day and I am very excited about the opportunity to work with you and I am very excited to have the chance to work with Kafka hopefully soon as well so I can get some more work done on this project
    with you guys and I will be sure to let you know if I can be of any help."

    That's depressing 😂
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    @maddy97 Interesting... Mine was very similar... "Malmö is a great place to work for and I am very excited about this opportunity and I look forward to working with you and your company for the opportunity to work with you and [...]"

    PS. Here @C0D4, have my updoot. This post has actually made me laugh a little
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    I tried texting transracial to someone and google auto suggest prompted me with transvaginal. It was at this moment. Demolishun had entered...the twilight zone...
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    The task of course I will be available in your bed 🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌

    .... Not working for me...
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    @ZeldaFan69-2 You can only sleep at night.
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    @ZeldaFan69-2 is still here in town so I'll just have them in here at noon 🕛 I don't have a problem to go digging it for you and I'll give it back in a time for a couple hours later on that I have no problem 😌 you can do anything you can get a little bit later I have some things for me I have no problem 😌 is that ok 👍 and I'll take you a junior or not something you don't know how you are feeling it though it's just like 👍 you said you're a very sweet girl 👧 I can't do that I mean 😪 but I'm just like 👍 you are a good 😌 you are you just like 👍 I love 💕 so you don't want me to go digging out my life anymore and that's not all that matters because what I'm trying not say to do that I'm sorry 😢 I'm sorry 😢 is that a problem is you still got your phone 📲 I can't wait 😜 to you go over the house 🏠 I have no problem 😉 is a problem for that guy I just got the car 🚘 is the only way I have the cash 💵 and then the guy is there anyway that we have the same thing that is a little corner that is not what we can get the right thing but it's a very small problem with that and it looks so good 😊 is a lot more like 👍 or the house 🏠 I think 💭 will it be done ☑️☑️ is there a little corner where we do not need a lot to go live on with that thing that we have a problem for that you don't know how that would work the way back and if we are not all right I will want you know where you can do anything I don't need it I think 🤔 would have it for a couple hours but that's why the other day I have a few days that you need me and then you don't need it I can get a little bit of a problem I have a few days and you know how you do it but that's why the problem I don't think 🤔 will it just to get it out from this job description of it but that's why the problem is that we don't know if you need anything but it's still not really bad I just need a little guy that is a little guy that has is broken down😞

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