just sent an id_rsa private key file to our corporate Linux Administrator and he asked me to send him the private key in .ppk format. ==)))

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    Why are you pushing private keys around..
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    "just sent a private key"

    uhhhhh mate what are you doing
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    wtf ?!
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    ok, let me explain the situation. This is just a temporary account that would allow our Linux Admin to login some of our servers for a while - not my private key :D
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    btw, you are so serious to read the story ;)
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    @safari123 yeah.

    Because sending an private key file around is a felony...
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    @IntrusionCM yeah, you're so serious in this context ;)
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    @safari123 And you don't have a better way? Having more than one person share a private key turns this into an oxymoron: It is no longer private

    But, could be worse, I suppose

    Imagine all the devs and management using the same key to access all servers.
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    i think this is a mind blowing usage of public_keys :D
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    @JustThat I think you don't get the story here ;)
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    I get the story. Admin can't use PuttyGen to convert the key himself. Oh, ha ha ha. What an idiot!

    But the worse problem is you think that is the issue, ignoring the security aspect of sharing a key.
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