Why the fuck iOS version of devrant crahes every 2 minutes?

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    Because the app is a piece of shit.
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    because EXC_BAD_ACCSESS 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Rant about the crashes

    GitHub devRant issue tracker
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    @heyheni you beat me to it.
    Although we have migrated to the next bug though.


    🤣 sorry got to laugh, app crashed while writing this.
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    *continues merrily merrying on android*
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    Cuz dfox cannot fix his own stupid code after more than 3 years now.
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    Strange, I also have ios but for me it has been much more stable the last months.
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    @bagfox It’s not in his code.
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    @Root You’re saying Indians did it, or referring to the framework?
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    @bagfox it's the appcelerator/titanium framework, and generally an issue consuming the api responses - from what we can gather 🤷‍♂️

    hard to blame the guy for a framework issue, easy to blame the guy picking the framework 😅

    But hey, it's become a devRant feature, what better way to encourage you be infuriated while ranting then to crash while you do it 😉
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    iOS development is a hellish garbage. That's why.
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    Maybe because the new iOS is just garbage... I bet you it doesn't crash in the web browser - so either use that or switch to Android version.
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    Yes I’m fed up. But iOS has gotten significantly worse. Other apps crash too.
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    @react-guy Why?
    Is it really worse than Android? :)
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    @theKarlisK Sure, I will buy Android phone just for devRant.
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    @aviophile There you go - now you're thinking with portal!
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    @Safari so much worse. The dev experience is shit, the error reporting is basically "segfault and go f yourself for details". Not mentioning the economic model.

    I'm working on an iOS app for my job, but only because my boss insist on it. I would have dumped it long time ago if I had the choice.

    I actively try to convince my friend to quit Apple. Every time someone buys an iPhone, a dev loses 1 year of life.
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    Didn’t take long until the guys showed up who blame the crashes in iOS. 😒

    Devrant is crashing on iOS for years now, unfortunately.
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