Translating win32 calls to whatever the hell there is in Unix and Unix-like OSes (well, most of them) in order to port a certain game net code library and dear god why did I volunteer myself for this task

At least pevents is there to help, but too bad cmake doesn’t want to compile it with the flag I need (“-DWFMO”) in order to make the “WaitForMultipleEvents” method to work at all. Instead no matter what options I give it on the command line or how I tell VS Code to do it, it seems to give me the finger to my fucking face.

Doing it for games on the cooler OSes... doing it for the community... come on...

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    I'm sure there's a library out there that does the translation for you?
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    This is 100% backwards. The Win32 apis for sockets is absolute garbage. The POSIX socket APIs are beautiful. I've used both extensively for about 20 years now, windows doesn't even come close.

    Further, cmake not adding flag sounds like you're misusing cmake. It's trivial to do so in almost all cases.
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