I feel so insecure about my future.

I feel like tomorrow I will be fired because AI can do my job. I've already got a few loans which I need to pay and I don't have any other commercial skills than programming.

I feel like in 5 years I will lose my job due to AI or am I just panicking?

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    Nope. Never gonna happen.
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    No way. If you can do more than HTML & CSS, no program will replace you within the next 10 years.. maybe take over the simple tasks (ass we’ve seen with wix and stuff) but nothing is gonna replace software innovation & r&d anytime soon..

    Keep in mind that we have another 50-200 years to go before we have any usable AI.
    What you’re afraid of is ML, but a machine can only learn what it’s taught. So as long as you design solutions that haven’t been there before, no program can replace you;)
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    Get good at leveraging the tools that aid in streamlining development. Learn the tools that you think are gonna magically replace you. You will quickly find they are not very smart.
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    AI won’t take any job for at least decade. Moreover AI to this date created more jobs that it took.
    Seriously it’s so much crap everywhere that AI is last thing you need to worry about.
    I even say that AI is last hope for this civilization to survive cause of how fucked up this world is right now.
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    Also, even if AI technically would be able to handle some jobs, most businesses will not have the expertise to use the AI.

    AI will start to assist in different aspects, like error checking code and similar but real software development is not a well defined problem.

    Yes I have been reading about code generation over and over for many years and still, not a single one of the companies I have read about has hit the big news yet ;)
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    I'm a bit more pessimistic, I think AI will upset your job and my job within 5 years.

    Not because AI will do your job, or mine.

    AI will replace truckers and marketers, sales and support, cashiers and fast food workers.

    My cynical brain says those people will start to feel even more scared than you currently do, they'll first claim it's foreigners, then blame the elites, then claim everyone is part of a mind controlling pedophile ring — Then after the pandemic people might not see their jobs return, and start civil wars.

    The first two world wars were, in part, instigated by industrial revolution, followed by disenfranchised workers, followed by widespread populism and scapegoating of an elite layer largely consisting of people who then ended up dead.

    So, no, you won't be replaced by AI.

    Maybe your GitHub profile will be used to condemn you to become a victim in the next genocide though.
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    @bittersweet WTF that was dark
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    @just8littleBit not dark. Reality.
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    @IntrusionCM Reality is dark though, isn’t it..
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    @just8littleBit pitch black insanity
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