I’m studying at uni remotely at the moment. I’m taking a software engineering class. I love developing software so I was super excited about this course. First assignment is to make a tic tac toe game in python. I finish the assignment super fast within the first hour of our first class.

We end up spending the rest of the fucking semester on this fucking program. No improvements, nothing. Literally just staring at this less than 200 line command line tic tac toe game talking about the same fucking shit every class.

Our fucking final is a presentation about this fucking program. The entire class is going to present the same command line python tic tac toe game

People told me that in the past, this class would find a local client and fulfill a request (making a website, etc)

However, now there’s a new prof teaching this course.

Best way I can describe it, 3 hours of this fucking prof screen sharing a google doc and droning on for 3 hours

I wish I could get the 20+ hours of my life back that this course has taken from me

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    If something is to easy try to make it challenging for yourself. There's always going to be people with different skills levels in a course which causes these kinds of problems

    For example
    - Client server setup for online playing
    - try expanding with other boardgames while reusing as much code as you can
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    Well I’ll write it 1000th time.
    School is not about work but about trying to interest people about the things it’s trying to teach.

    The moment school stopped to be knowledge source ended at the same moment you don’t need to go to big building and ask wise person about place where certain book can be found.

    I remember times when I need to find a page in the book in the library to know something and it was easier to go to school and find out which book I need to look after but now it’s waste of time.

    Or you can name it establishment.
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    I see why it pisses you off. You pay money for bullshit.
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    The state of university makes me downright angry.
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    @wiwe2210 that’s what I was thinking. I’ve been figuring out the logic to make a 9 Men’s Morris game and adding that as an option to the tic tac toe program
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    Train a basic ML model and add it as a player to the game
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    Discuss with the prof about how you could benefit the most from the course. Maybe you could skip the lectures and study on your own instead and present the results afterwards. You are more responsible on what you learn than your prof.
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    Just curious, which language?
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    you guys get assignments...
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    Exactly this!

    the difference between having a good prof. and a bad prof. is literally failing a class...

    if you get someone who not only knows their shut, but can also communicate to you *why* they love it and how awesome it is and even show you that they are still excited to learn new things in their field, that's when you really get pushed forward and you'll remember that person for life... it's literally life changing having someone motivated teach you...

    on the other hand you get someone who clearly hates their life and job and they are just doing their 8 hour shifts just to get it done over and survive another month and you'll probably end up disinterested in the subject so much, you might literally fail the class because of how disgusted you are studying it even on your own...

    School have so much potential to bring up smart and happy people and they are failing so incredibly hard... there's usually 1 good prof. for every 100 employees ... it's sad
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