Does anybody use a 60% keyboard? I want to buy this, https://annepro.net/products/...

Arrow keys with press of fn and no distinct function keys, but it seems doable. Will I have problems using this with emacs?

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    Hmm, often they're quite thick. I never had physical issues but that kills my wrists immediately. K120 4 life! 😁 Best 11,- ever spent 😁
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    The AnnePro is a nice budget keyboard, but i couldn't live without the arrow keys. If you're interested in a similar keyboard but with arrow keys have look at Keychron or Ducky.



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    I'm using a 75%, but I have a lot of stuff mapped on a layer close to the home row (Caps Lock acting as Fn) - D is Delete, IJKL are arrow keys, H is Backspace, Space is Enter. If you're a heavy user of F keys though, I'd recommend sticking to a layout that has them as dedicated keys.

    I haven't tried 60% yet, but the good thing about it is the absolute abundance of everything related to it - cases, PCBs, plates, keycap sets, and most of them are interchangeable (after you verify ISO/ANSI compatibility of course - some cover both, but some are specific to only one of them).
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    @heyheni These don't ship to India with Covid and import duties are a pain in the ass. I have the anne pro 2 and the DIERYA x KEMOVE 60%
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    I bought one recently and I absolutely love it, only one bad thing is that it takes a while to get used to arrow keys with FN key.
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    Second keychron, also use primarily 75%
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    @SortOfTested never knew side printed keyboards exist 🙏👍
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    No arrow and pos1/end keys would nuke my productivity. I don't understand how people can code like this
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    @hashedram Who TF named their brand with something as close to "diarrhea"?
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    I'm using a 60% keyboard with arrow keys and I'm pretty happy with it.
    Poker pro with cherry blues
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    @SortOfTested I like it.. what version is good? The latest?
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    I used a 60% keyboard ducky mini. Too hard to work on this ... Gaming is ok... But i feel disabled while coding.
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    The numbering scheme is models, not age. You always get the latest, they sell out constantly.
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