Fuck heroku

Keep refusing to verify my credit card information.

Weird field on their form , that nobody really know what they are asking for.

Billing address line 1
Billing address line 2
State/province (I have provided my country before, so I don't know what to insert here)

Please help

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    It wants the regional administrative district in which you reside.
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    Country = America, State = Georgia.
    Country = Germany, State = Bayern.
    Country = Switzerland, State = Thurgau.
    Country = Bolivia, State = Beni.
    Just to name a few possibilities. Of course not all of them are called states. But they are valid inputs. If you still don't get which administrative entity it is in your country. It is usually the first territorial underdivisions of a country.
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    Imagine living in Monaco. Do you just enter the same thing for Country, Province and City?
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