My young brother just destroyed everyone at a speedcubing competition!

4x4, 3x3 one handed, 3x3 regular (the main event), skewb, pyraminix — all 1st places!

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    Epic, congrats!
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    That’s amazing!
    Kudos, younger Kiki!
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    I see a 2 in there.
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    > 3x3 regular

    What was his time there ?

    I recently got myself a new cube to try and beat my 30+ year old 14 second record.

    A MoYu MoFang JiaoShi MF3RS3M 2020 edition in case anyone else is interested in these matters.

    I've yet to fit the new magnets to it, and change the colours around, since I only just found out, there are two standards !


    h t t p s : / / r u w i x . c o m / t h e - r u b i k s - c u b e / j a p a n e s e - w e s t e r n - c o l o r - s c h e m e s /

    I wonder how much difference a modern cube will make over the first generation ones ?

    Of course, I've forgotten some of the moves now, so will have to relearn them, assuming anyone else has written down the ones I used !
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    @Nanos 3x3: 12.14, but that’s just this competition. I bet his personal record is better. Skewb is 5.00 though, also, I bet his personal skewb record is better, skewb is always his main event.

    He’s 13
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    @Nanos his 3x3 single is 6.80, one handed 3x3 single is 10.28, skewb single is 1.70
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    Awesome! That's some talent there. My brain is way too slow to solve these things in anything under like half a minute, so I'm especially impressed.
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    Damn! Nationals?
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