I’m afraid I already know the answer to this question, but are there any navigation apps that aren’t powered by Google, etc?

Is there an alternative to Google/Apple Maps and Waze, that provides accurate information while also keeping user data (more) private?

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    Nobody other than those money packed companies could provide this kind of quality of service. Satellite images of the whole world are expensive and needs to be interpreted and matched with government provided data. Google and Apple let hundereds of cars phorograph streets to collect companies names and adresses to make their maps uniquely detailed with the use of deep learning.

    The free option is
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    For Android, based on OpenStreetmaps: https://f-droid.org/de/packages/...

    Be sure to set the location settings to "GPS only", or (likely Google's) location service will be used by your device.
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    @heyheni this.

    Open street maps is probably the next best thing, but sadly, it's an expensive venture if you don't have the MNC backing to fund it.

    Satellite time doesn't pay for its self, unless your Elon Musk 😅
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    Korean map service
    Kakao Map - 카카오

    here wego owned by car companies (ex nokia maps)
    HERE WeGo
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    Yep, neither of which are any less predatory.

    If it requires massive infra, it's going to come with a large pricetags, or strings attached.
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    Thanks for the responses.

    As I said, I pretty much knew this was the case, but I was hoping someone would tell me otherwise.

    I try my best to not need any GPS or directions. I get along okay because I was born and raised in this same area, but it is getting more and more difficult to get by without.

    I always appreciate the help
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    Traffic data relies on other users' location data, it's pretty hard to do that without using your data, considering you're a user. If you don't want traffic, just shortest route planning and a street grid, OSM is your best option. It doesn't have companies pinned reliably because it's a voluntary thing, and accuracy of all data depends largely on how many OSM contributors live near you, but overall it's OK for a programmable roadmap.
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