Every general meeting with a CEO who has never tried the freaking product or prototype and has zero technical knowledge.

As well, just about two out of three meetings with a HR person.

I've had meetings with a CTO too where it legit could be a boring handbook or email used for inducing sleep at night.

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    There needs to be a 100-150 page book of shit not to do / to do for those running software companies. Sell it on some buzzword. "Engineer-Oriented development", or "Rapid Startup Development", sell commonsense advice as the new hotness, like "use your own product *before* calling meetings about it!"

    Get one big name ceo to say he read it or "lives by it", and boom, like the four hour work week bullshit, everyones following it.
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    @Wisecrack four hour work week what?! 😅
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    @Lensflare its bullshit is what. He write good books but ultimately he writes bs.
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