You know it's true.

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    100% correct
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    damn Javascript developers, they ruined Javascript!
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    Every fucking time 😂😂
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    Hear and their
    express -> hapi -> loopback -> ->

    //some time headless ;)
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    Feel that. But at same time, nah stick with the more agnostic tooling: front end -> react, backend -> express. Shit you can write your own express framework in two hours, you just won’t have the package integrations that are out there for express. Part of the reason I love node so much, Shit like express is simple enough you can rewrite it yourself and the packages are always relatively small with many options. I love .net too but it’s like damn there’s a preferred way to do jwt that works with .net easily. Steer away from the treaded path and it’s all upstream swimming
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    I can rewrite a node jwt issuer/handler layer by memory. For .net or laravel, I’d need to refreshen on their frameworks best suited ways of handling it.
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