The one time a piece of software I was semi-responsible for maybe had been compromised. But I was student dev so I wasn't even brought into the meeting despite being the only person in the entire organization who knew how it worked. Gr8 politics, glad you hennies trust me. They came out and a good colleague of mine was brave enough to come over and ask if maybe I knew how this and that worked and I could clear up the confusion they spent 45 minutes on in 20 seconds 🙃

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    Must have been pretty satisfying! 👌
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    If you're the only person who knows how it works, you're 100% responsible for it, its documentation, and its deployment/troubleshooting processes.

    This rant kinda annoyed me bc I've been on the other end where an intern built something that was more business critical than we originally estimated, so when it broke, I had to rewrite it from scratch, since best practices weren't followed and it was a nightmare to try to patch and re-deploy. I walked the intern through the rewrite so hopefully we both learned something valuable.

    If I were you I'd be more mad that you were given responsibility outside of your level of expertise; independence and responsibility is not something you want as a student dev.
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    @valkn0t oh yeah it wasn't what I wanted but they kept ignoring me when I said it was suboptimal to have someone working part time be the sole source of knowledge on a piece of software. Now I've quit sooo..
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    Yeah, i know the feel. In my case "lets have meetings without involving the devs or the clients".
    Sometimes you just wanna see everything burning down, due to such decisions. 🙃
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    @valkn0t it's 100% management's responsibility if you're 100% responsible for something
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    @electrineer No. It's perfectly fine to be 100% responsible for something. I'm 100% responsible for several things.

    It's managements responsibility to not give someone 100% responsibility for something they're not qualified to be 100% responsible for.
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    @valkn0t I see your comment and raise you this: https://youtube.com/watch/...
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