Can I upload purchased downloaded video tutorials in the cloud? I will not share it to anyone. Just myself. Will I get in trouble?

Example if I upload it in pCloud or Google Drive. Thanks

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    Check with the producers of the content. They usually state such stuff in their website. But usually purchased content are usable for personal use (meaning e.g. you can keep it in your drive) and not share with public.

    Tho, I'mma 📌 as well to see what others think.
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    As long as it isn't accessable to others I don't see an issue.
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    Personal use, no problems
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    @NoMad I want to free up space so I'm considering the cloud for backup services. I need to do more research on this just to be sure.

    Maybe I can encrypt them all before uploading to cloud. Then decrypt it after downloading. I will also make filenames with prefix hash so that pCloud or Google Drive will not know what exactly it is.

    Problem with that the decryption may not work in the future and you will lose your encrypted file. Hmm but I have external physical drives backup.
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    @Devnergy If you’re that cautious with your data, you’re better off buying a cheap backup hdd.
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    @Devnergy start your private server and save yourself the trouble?
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    I don't think you should worry too much. Even Google only seems to go after content that is illegally shared, rather than just uploaded for personal storage.

    But if you're really concerned, since you mentioned pCloud, they have a "pCloud Crypto" option that applies zero-knowledge client-side encryption, if you're worried about that sort of thing. Costs extra, though, so you may decide it's not worth the cost.
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    I think it's comparable to storing your VHS tapes on your mom's attic. Technically anyone who visits the place, with our without your mom's permission, can copy the tapes. But that wasn't your intention.

    So, at least as long as you keep the file permissions private, you should be good.
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    Go for it, just make sure you don't share it by accident.
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