I had an uncle named Severin. He died just three days after birth because of lung malfunction.

His grave is long abandoned and no member of my very large family can remember where it is.

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    Miracle that you know his name then
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    I have an Uncle called Alan. He's still alive, and enjoys gardening and walks.
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    My uncle Steve has alzheimer's. He hid it pretty well until he drove the wrong way down a highway and hit someone (luckily no one was hurt, just a minor fender-bender). Extremely gifted math teacher with a brilliant mind, its hard to see him not know anyone and barely capable of taking care of himself.
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    I had an uncle called Henry. He was 19 when he died in the war. I would have liked to see him garden and take walks. Or even just meet him. War is horrible.
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    My uncle Tom does an awesome Chewbacca impression
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    I disowned my parents and therefore have no uncles.

    The only uncle I remember was actually a cousin but insisted on being called uncle. His nickname translated into “uncle bad news.”
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    I don't have an uncle but the name "Severin" reminded of my all-time favorite movie "Severance" (a british horror comedy).

    I think I'll rewatch it during the holidays.

    Is this this random enough for y'all?
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    @SuspiciousBug No, stay on topic please.
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    My uncle taught me how to code. Thank you uncle for starting me in pedantic C and giving me an Ubuntu laptop at 12.
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    I never Hand an uncle
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