REEEE why isnt pyautogui installling ??? )=<
i said import pyautuogui then imported time, from time import sleep right? )= it isnt working

the pyautogui is for the gold per second on this rpg game =)

Help pls

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    Is it sleep that is not working?

    Because you imported only the symbol sleep. Shouldn't it just be sleep(num)?

    What is the actual error message?
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    A whole bunch of crap thrown at me cause it cant download whatever from the file into the repl
    Rip )=
    if this still does not work (contacting the repl.it mods)

    then ill just get pycharm on my moms pc and start working on games, and autoclickers for whatever
    i was really looking forward to get autoclicker on this lol
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    Are you using "pip install" to install your python stuff? There are other automation libraries out there.
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    @Demolishun no this is a browser based ide
    this does not have pip install this has import module then it will download it all the packages and other
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    @Phazor001 I have not used that. Sorry, out of my experience. I usually install python locally and manage it from there.
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    @Demolishun RIP. probably its best to use pycharm it will get the job done and it has pip as well can't wait to see what i can do with it
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    Maybe not using a browser will solve your issues.
    Go for, fuck, might as well go for PyCharm or VsCode
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    First: What do you want to achieve? pyautogui is usy for interacting with existing programm, I am a bit confused.

    Second: No library, executed from your webbrowser, will ever interact with your computer (outside of the webbrowser's sandbox; for security reasons!).
    Therefore creating (or manipulating / interacting with) a user interface outside of the webbrowser in a web-based* IDE cannot work.

    * Yes, yes, I do know about electron, but this doesn't count, as it does run on the local computer.
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    Clearly, your problem is using repl.it instead of an actual python installation... Read the error.. it says that the display named "Magic" is bad... For sure the issue is that this is trying to access a repl.it backend servers display... And that will just be some sort of hacked terminal to push output to frontend, but that's not a full fledged "display"...

    Just install python, It's free, It's easy, comes with It's own IDE and you can always just additionally install pyCharm community edition (free) or Visual Studio Code to get a better IDE too...

    Takes like 15 minutes
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    i was gonna make an autoclicker for krunker.io or something , maybe devast.io (shooting games )
    i see the youtube tutorials on that but i dont need pyautogui for that do i?

    i just need threading and stuff
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    @Phazor001 you cant develop a bot on your browser. Install python locally.
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    @hack Rip. everything is blocked by admin. yep im going straight for py charm when mom gets home :)

    Thanks everyone
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