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I was able to get a referral for a software engineering internship at a company I like this summer. This will be my first “real-life” internship and I’m super excited.

The referral ended up getting me an interview with the company’s “Principal Talent Attraction Consultant”.

What show I expect for this meeting? Is it possible that there is a whiteboarding part of this interview? Or would it be more general?

Lmk if I’m being too vague. Thanks guys!

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    It is impossible to say, but I would be surprised if it goes beyond control flow, maybe something like reading a file or talking to a web API. If this sounds like a breeze to you I wouldn't worry.

    An internship is not supposed to be about the intern producing value, it's a learning experience and to maybe recruit talent after they qualify. If you get value it's just a bonus, that's why I wouldn't expect much from an intern.
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    I have a moderate amount of experience mentoring interns and juniors. A little bit recruiting various disciplines of a software team.
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    So hard to know.

    Some companies are down with the latest cook interviewing type ... fads.

    Other's less so.

    All I'm sure of is this:

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