Are avatars fat shaming? All the avatars on devrant are of skinny people.

I want me a fatavar to reflect my current status.

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    lose weight then
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    Oof... It's not a funny joke
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    While you at it Tim, would you please add my current status too?
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    I guess? I think the nice thing about men is they age into excellent pillows. That's as close as I get to "body positivity."
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    You people are awesome! Seriously, I could not expect anything better. Conjectures fat shaming, gets fat shaming. I love it!
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    If we're making avatar requests, I would like one to reflect my goblin like physique.
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    The first two comments, hahaha. You can't get this somewhere else.
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    @rutee07 Sure you can. There’s always 4chan!
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    The best option would be the ability to upload your own avatar image - a feature which was part of the minimum feature set of the tinyest niche interest web forums fifteen years ago...
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    Devrant doesn't have any "bug" related avatars either... I feel descrimated against. Time to sue I guess?!
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    "If the mountain will not come to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountain"

    Meaning: git gud fatty!
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