"I am not happy with the quality of the product"


"I dislike how I am forced to work here"


"The team does not understand software design and is writing 2000 line single functions"


"I am starting to think the product cannot be saved unless we start focusing on quality"


"I am not happy in my job anymore because I want to work as a professional..."


"All I ever do now is put out fires"


"I quit"

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    They offered me an £8k raise and a bunch of empty promises about taking control of the project. But I didn't believe them so I turned it down.
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    @rooter yes. It might have been a bad idea as I am a technical lead, and my new job is not technical lead, with a promise of promotion to tech lead after some months when I can recruit a new team for a Greenfield.

    About 4k less money of the promotion doesn't happen. But I can't stand that team anymore.

    It took me 1.5 years to introduce unit tests. Badly.
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    This really nicely illustrates how a lot of places operate. Nice job, have a favorite.
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    "The team ... is writing 2000 line functions"
    This hits home too hard :sadpepe:
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    Good dev: and dear Jimmy, why is there not a single comment in this god class to explain what it does a bit? I am having a hard time understanding.

    Shit dev: GoOd CoDe Is SeLf eXpLaNaToRy. You should work on getting better.

    Good dev: Fuck me...
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    @PepeTheFrog And somehow they still manage to avoid conclusion that if their code isn't self explanatory it isn't good code therfore it needs comments/rewrite
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    @PepeTheFrog Say this, it seems to work better and PMs like it also

    "I do understand your code, but unfortunately I don't have enough time to go through it line by line, so next time please annotate it or separate it nicely by concern or else all estimates are getting a nice 5-10% added to them so that I can decipher your code"
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    @PepeTheFrog sorry for coming back so late but I agree a comment shouldn't be wanted. Leaving a comment is like giving up on making your code readable by design. Sometimes I give up because I just can't think of a solution, but even then it's rare. I might write a comment once a day.

    The problem there is that you told him you can't read it, and his response was to ignore you, and not reflect on what he did wrong.
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    This is so me. Ended up quiting.
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    It's been a long time but I want to share it was a good idea to leave, even to accept less money and a lower position.

    I joined a good company that values skills. 6 months in I was promoted to lead architect. Probably accelerated my career by 5 years.
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