What is most annoying buzzword taht gets your garages grinding?

For me the latest one is gamification

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    The game theory course from Stanford was really good though.

    I'll go with OpenShift
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    Micro service architecture..
    It’s not like it isn’t already common practice..
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    @SortOfTested I don't mean gamification or game theory is wrong or doesn't works. What I mean is many individuals just use this word without even understanding what it is or in few cases they don't even have a product yet but they want to gamify it
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    @just8littleBit yes every startup don't need to be built with microservice architecture. If you really want it use could functions. And anyways if the codebase is good braking a monolith up later should be that hard
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    @jespersh I am glad I don't listen that all taht often now
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    Not because it's useless, far from it, but because so, so, so many people misunderstand it or form opinions without actually studying it (or at least reading up the basics).
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    Freaking IoT
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    Is it though? My jury is out. Most people write a lot of tiny services, but they don't own a vertical tech slice of a business concern (the contexts, they are not bounded). From what I've seen most people just relabel sedimentary layers as "micro services" and call it a day.

    Anyone considering MicroServicesTM needs to watch this first and learn what it meeeaaaans, it requires buuuuyin on an oooorggganizatioooonal leveeeeeel:

    tldr/dw: If you share persistence, or ui with anything else, you're not a microservice. :D

    Attached artwork is titled "The average 'microservice'"
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    DevOps [when they really mean "automation"]

    shift-left [when they really mean "automation"]

    in that order
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    @SortOfTested yea, many idiots out there but to me it seems in serious companies it’s usually done right.
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    @RememberMe this one gets me too
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    AWS Technology. It's a service not a technology.
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    I have two.

    "Blazing" (as in, "blazing fast") and "Cloud" (especially "cloud native").

    I dismiss any code that uses those phrases to describe itself.
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    any JavaScript framework
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    The list never ends but lately

    Infrastructure as code
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    Every buzzword. Every one of those
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    Foobar as a Service. Sod off.
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