!rant 😇

Question time for the automators out there. Has anyone stumbled upon n8n?


It looks surprisingly simple to get up and running for a no-code automation tool, just wondering if there's any communal reviews on them before I jump deep inside.

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    looks nice! thanks :)

    No ideas bout the usage tho.
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    > What does n8n mean and how do you pronounce it?
    > Short answer: It means "nodemation" and it is pronounced as n-eight-n.

    IDK, it sounds in my head like the name Nathan.
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    @netikras I can't unsee that now, nayfen
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    @netikras It's just a numeronym like k8s from what I can tell. The pronunciation would be the one for the full word 🤔.
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    @Berkmann18 I know :)
    k8s, i18n, n8n et al.
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    @netikras I've heard k8s pronounced kates so maybe it should be naten.
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    Ooh, Commons Clause. I like!
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    Never heard of this but it looks pretty decent and well put together...

    this might actually be good...
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    I haven’t heard of it.
    I’ll have to check it out!
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