I am beyond burnt out. I still need to finish some stuff over the freaking holidays. Sucks to be me, literally, figuratively, and really.

*Sobs in TTS robotic voice*

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    Sheesh. If you have a burn out, step out.

    You're not doing anything useful. 2 weeks to recover a bit and suddenly all makes more sense.
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    @IntrusionCM no man can do. The schedule is tight and I'm running out of money.
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    @NoMad there are really moments where I wish Scotty would have invented that mofo beam
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    Ride the burn, sleep it off later 😉
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    @C0D4 I may bother with setting up a hammock in my parents backyard in a few months just so I can practice sleeping during the day. Lol.
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    @NoMad out of experience, don't fuck with sleeping schedule while you're under stress.

    It might end bad TM.
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    @IntrusionCM I wouldn't, but anxiety loves insomnia (and nightly overthinking, and stress eating, and many other things it really shouldn't love) and I have been doing my best to keep a schedule of some sort. (Without any medication, that is)
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    @NoMad *hug* funny that my mama instinct was spot on without knowing you.

    Take care of you :( Even in dark times there are good things to hold on to.
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    I'm coming to terms with a contract job I'm doing right now that will likely eat up this entire holiday season. WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS!! 😭
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