In programming world there is lot of stuff to learn and there is lot to great developers in the world after seeing code and project's of these developers I feel I am very weak in coding currently my confident is quite low cause I cannot make a simple project by my self without seeing a project tutorial video and I don't know how do I improve my dev skills and I feel stuck any suggestions?

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    My advice - drop videos and get yourself a good book on programming
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    Just do it
    Practice is the best knowledge
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    Set your self a challenge do one small website per day.
    Every single day, no excuses!
    Put screenshots/screen recordings on an Instagram account and post the daily link in the account bio.
    Within a year of doing this you'll become really good and thanks to insta you'll get job offers. In 5 years you'll can choose with whomever you like to work for.
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    Whenever I'm learning some new thing, I'm constantly going through the motions of video tutorials. I agree that you should try some books.

    Sometimes, this site has some good links to free books on Github that can guide you. It's community-maintained learning roadmaps... https://learn-anything.xyz/

    Good luck, I feel your pain.
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    Instead of doing it only for work, find a fun project idea and build it.

    Why? You’ll have fun doing it, and that is the best way to learn.
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    Not sure it helps, but the code you see (both the code of others and your own) will get worse and worse while your experience grows...
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    @Oktokolo When your code from six months ago still looks good, you’ll know you’ve stopped improving.
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    and stop using node js. even advanced node devs just spend hours setting up it and fixing dependencies. it's a waste of time
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    I strongly suggest you start using punctuation for readability’s sake.

    Also, don’t beat yourself up for writing weak code - try learning from it. Stop watching tutorials, start reading books - and it helps to step outside the js world, too, even if js is what you want to do (won’t be for long tho, when you start learning other stuff)
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    True in most cases. But once in a while you might actually stumble over a real gem you instantly know what it is doing and why it is doing it in the way it does. That is when you really feel the level up.
    It is important to not confuse that rare occasions with stagnation. As logic-oriented persons we normally don't have much to be happy about...
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    @Oktokolo So very true. And you’re right ☺️
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    @calmyourtities If I don't use node js so which backend language should I choose ?
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    @heyheni Thank you very much man I will definitely do this.
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    @ultra-lord there’s a bunch of great languages to choose from. i would go with golang. you’ll learn the most about backend development from it and it’ll be a lot faster than websites you make with node.
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    have a look at the learning plattform scrimba where the video is interactive scripted code. Like a live instructor helping you.
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