Gotta love well meaning juniors with completely misplaced intentions.

Nathan: "Hey, do you want a quick 5 minute demo of the code we've changed to move to library version x?"

Almond: "Sure (I wasn't that fussed about moving to library x, but he seemed determined and there's some nice to haves with bumping the version, so we approved it.)"

Nathan: "Cool, so we have this built here, and..."

Almond: "...wait, that's not our CI system!"

Nathan: "Yeah, so I moved to a new CI system too because we couldn't get that working in the old one"

Almond: "...right, we'll need to discuss that, because..."

Nathan: "Sure, we also moved the templating engine as well as there were more examples using this one with library x"

Almond: "...yeah, so I don't think we're looking to switch the templating engine because..."

Nathan: "...and you guys also need to change a bunch of your code as it's all broken since we put the new version in, most of the tests fail..."

Great... so we've got a branch that breaks a bunch of code, switches the templating engine to one we don't want to use, and switches the CI to the one the company is trying to actively migrate away from...

Almond: "We're going to need longer than 5 minutes. I'll put something in the calendar."


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    This is THE PR you mentioned before, isn't it?
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    I believe this is what some call in the industry a rebuild 😵
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    @netikras Same guy, different PR 🤦‍♂️
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    @EDragon That would be way too polite a word here.
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    Pain in the arse … but it can be hard to find people who have that much initiative, to be honest.

    If it somehow can be better directed!
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    Looks like the best possible example for git revert:
    You definitely want to undo this shit.
    But you also definitely want to keep it visible in the history as a warning for future generations...

    "Did you hear about that one library update which prompted an immediate revert?"
    "Oh yeah, i saw it in the GIT history while researching the cause for that ancient code snipped which has been written by long-dead Nilaus half a century ago and caused production to stop at 1.1.2100..."
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    Almond: I object to this change.
    Junior: btw we are firing you...
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    Who are 'we'?
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    Well I guess you will have to teach him about the risk factors involved in refactoring.

    And that putting everything in a PR is product suicide.
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