I want to work with managers with introverted personality who wouldn't call you or setup zoom meetings for stuff that can simply be texted.

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    Do such people even want to become managers?
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    @iiii hitting the nail on the head
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    @iiii rant disguised as wishful thinking
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    Convince your company that it’s not wise to call someone instead of texting them unless strictly necessary. For that you can use ecological motives such as “calling uses more energy than texting and therefore contributes to pollution” for instance; if they are not convinced you can tell them that the image of the company would significantly improve from such a change.

    Worked at mine.
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    I also thought working with an introverted manager would be better. But after working in a setting like that for last couple of months, I realised I don't want less meeting and calls. Some of the things are just better communicated over a video call and it takes less time to communicate things more clearly also. One of the reasons I miss going to office these days. Communicating things are much easier in person or over a face to face video call. I never thought I'd miss meetings after working remotely
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    Boss: *talks morning*
    Boss: *stops talking*
    Boss: *continues conversation*
    Boss: so... what've you been up to today?

    Me: ...talking to you?
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    Managers delegate work to and control subordinates. Introverts are bad at doing both.
    To become a manager you have to sell yourself to another manager. Introverts are bad at this.
    Also, introverts hate doing the work of managers.

    If you want to have an introvert above you, you have to find one wich inherited a company from his parents and neither sold it away, nor delegated its management to an actual manager.
    Search in the realm of small to tiny companies and keep your mind reading skills trained - you will need them as introverts also are most often bad at communication and getting their points across.
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    @iiii Some are, but it seems rare.
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