I need to reinstall Linux due to reasons. When I set this PC up i went for Kubuntu, but I've been having a lot of trouble with my Nvidia graphics card.

Is there a distro that you'd recommend that works nicely with an Nvidia GPU? I'm open to all alternatives.

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    @RememberMe I've head a lot of good about Manjaro. Know anything about Nvidia drivers specifically? :)
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    @RememberMe +2 with my 2060 and dual screen worked out of the box
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    @eptsousa That sounds like just what I'm after
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    @ScriptCoded i forgot to say it was with kde, not sure about mate.
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    Fedora or arch can work well
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    Hmm, for me nvidia drivers worked out of the box on kubuntu 18 and continue to work after dist upgrade ro 20... However I did start having issues with Alsa xD... So yeah, try something else and let me know if its any good!
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    @eptsousa I'll probably stick with KDE :)

    @Hazarth Funny, it was a nightmare for me...
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    Any distro should work fine as long as you have access to Nvidia proprietary drivers. This includes Pop Os, Arch, Manjaro, Ubuntu, Fedora and more.

    I'm running Arch with a 1060 and installed the proprietary drivers with 'pacman -S nvidia" and everything worked.

    Something to keep in mind though is that not all desktop environments work nicely with Nvidia. I've had no issues with Budgie (Gnome based).
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    @olback That's what I'd assume as well. During my current install I've had issues with choosing GPU, so to switch between integrated graphics and dedicated I need to reboot the computer. Not the end of the world, but surely annoying. Especially when the fans go wroooooooooom. But Manjaro seems promising, and the Arch community seems to be on top of the Nvidia drivers.
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    Surpisingly due to Proton I am.able to play on Arch a few games. Also i started developing with CUDA.

    Everything works fine, no problem at all so far

    R5 2600
    Nvidia GT 710 (I know, I just didn't care)
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    Try Solus (with plazma if you like kbuntu)

    Or just get the proprietary drivers
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    Had the same issue with Ubuntu (Focal Fossa), resolved itself when I installed the default graphic card driver instead of NVidia ones.

    Proprietary drivers forced the resolution to 800x600 on a 1920x1080 display, it was a nightmare. But then again, my graphic card is so old and shitty (GT610) that it makes little difference.
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