would anyone actually use a devrant cli client ??

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    Your username describes my sentiment exactly
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    Didn't @ewpratten write one?
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    @bahua i both wrote and broke one. Yes.

    It's a fun project to make one, but at the time I did mine, there was little actual interest.
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    Bit like jsrant and xmlrant, cool on their own, but ultimately useless.
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    Well there is one I think.
    There's also another GUI client, which sadly segfaults immediately.

    Yea if a working one was there I would use it.
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    I'd love to integrate some devrant notifications into my shell rc.
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    there's people who use cli tool for traversal and manipulation of multi-dimensional spacetime trees of changes, so i don't see how what you're asking is beyond the level of self-imposed obnoxiousness already proven to exist.
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    If we didn't have to go through a proxy, yes.
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