I opened an issue on a repo telling the owner that placing a "test passing" badge on the readme but not having other tests than an "ExampleTest" and no tests of the actual functionality is bad practice and what he thinks about updating the readme.

The result was a deletion (not close) of the issue and a ban from contributing (issues, PRs) on any of his projects.

And it was not some small "ten persons use this" project but a large boilerplate project with 2.4k github stars and over 800 forks. You would expect a little bit more professionalism of someone with that popularity.

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    Maybe that explains the forks?
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    What an asshole 😡
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    @JustThat Torvalds is actually a great maintainer. He's just direct, and calls out bullshit where he sees it.

    Whomever you're describing (I'd really like to know, btw) sounds like a terrible maintainer.
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    @junon I don't want to start a witch hunt so I will not post his handle here. All I can say that it is a pretty popular boilerplate and his last name sounds like one of the US presidents.

    The project itself is shitty as well if you look closer. Things like "Fetch all models with criteria x=1 from the database, then run a foreach loop with the sole operation being $model->delete()"
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