Microservices in real life:
You have 4 different project opened in IDE simultaneously editing all of them to make something to work.
All projects share same db.
Basically this is monolith but splitter to different git repos.
Communicating one another via http calls or directly altering shared db tables.
Everyone is happy until solution goes to production then :
Solution doesn't scale because db is a bottleneck.
Services can be unavailable for 1-2s so some processes are left in unfinished state forever, because everyone assume 99,9% SLA means it always available and http calls will never fail.
Http calls take time.

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    This is not µsvc. This is a distributed monolith

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    Ah the joy of people designing software and hardware as an architecture without no clue.

    The despair, the terror, the rage.

    Negative feelings are kind a turn on.

    Especially when you don't have to deal with them, but remember quite vividly the last situation where you encountered them.
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