>> Herborist fails
>> Fixes QT errors
>> Still fails. Relink issues of libudev ; for weird reasons, it's asking to be linked to librt ??? And it's for a clock-gettime.
>> stack overflow: all about cuda and opencv, which can't be my issue.
>> Some asshat on GitHub comment section: mind your language when you're talking to maintainers.

>> Me: You mothertucking trucker! 😐😐😐


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    @Sony-wf-1000xm3 dw. I was not the one this was directed to. I did not ask the question, was just fishing for a solution to my problem.
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    This is about the point where I usually re-evaluate the need to use such software (shitty docs and shitty soft - hug it, don't need the huggin' thing then), I either scrap it all and try starting over or look for different alternatives. Which, prolly won't work for you. :/
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    Sidenote, when it comes to QT, I've quickly learned that every time there's dependencies listed it's actually just half of them because somebody just forgot or assumed the dependency to already be installed as part of the distro. It's also very annoying when all the dependency packages listed are either for like Ubuntu 16.04 or some weird ones that need to be compiled from source.
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    If u could give more information I might help.

    udev should link correctly against librt for clock_gettime, but many projects fail(ed) hard at compiling correctly... Wrong link order, missing dependencies, ridiculously wrong assumptions in the buildsystem, tons of possibilities
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    @IntrusionCM I looked and a plain libudev is symlinked to a libudev with a version in the same folder. Didn't relink because well, I'm not sure if it would break anything.
    Otoh, Herborist is a gui for pypot using pyqt but pypot works on its own, so I guess there is pyqt issue? But there are other software on the same machine using qt and pyqt that don't have the same issue.
    So I'm just utterly confused.
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    @NoMad Welcome to building software :)

    Which OS? Have a link?

    I'm on vacation and have spare time.
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    @IntrusionCM "vacation" lol. Have you cut coffee yet?

    OS: Ubuntu
    Link of what? The error message? My error is the exact second error this guy is getting:

    And here's herborist:
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    @IntrusionCM btw, I don't have access to that machine nor the robots anymore because of current lockdown. So even if you find a solution, I won't be able to test it.
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    @NoMad Cutting coffee...

    You really wanna watch the world burn, do ya Oo
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    @NoMad you should have built a spiderbot that you can assume control remotely when needed. :)
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    @theKarlisK sure. And that's totally is not a fire hazard 😛
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    @NoMad well yeah ... maybe giving it a jetpack booster and a flamethrower might not be a good idea.
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