Backend devs (and yes, even full-stack folks) who naively dismiss the nuance of a frontend dev role have clearly never tried to do a really good job at it. Or, don't realize the fullness of the responsibilities, more like.

Frontend devs have to reconcile all the requirements (and sometimes whims) of the following people:
- End Users, obviously
- Desires of Business stakeholders
- Visual Designers
- UX (Yes, it's a different discipline from vis design)
- Fellow frontend devs
- Performance budgets
- Accessibility specialists
- Content Authors (if using a CMS)

And rarely are they ever ALL aligned. Some days, it feels less like development and more like brokering deals and compromises.

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    FWIW, I have professionally held the title of Full-Stack developer for over 5 years, and kind of hate the title now due to the presumptions and expectations others have for full-stack folks. So much stress.

    I'm glad I did it, it expanded my horizons and I know where my strengths and weaknesses are.

    More importantly, I have experienced enough to appreciate and respect the role of the backend developer and collaborate better.
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    back end dev: "Hey, can you help me with this CSS on this alert button?"

    me: "Yeah, you gotta check the other classes firs--"

    back end dev: "I just need it to be red. How do I do that?"

    me: "You do it this way, but--"

    back end dev: "Cool, thanks you can go now."

    [ALL alerts are now red]
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    My experience in front end:

    Manager: could you move this button up?

    Customer: I can't reach the button on mobile because it's at the top of the screen please put it on the bottom.

    Colleague: I wanna use this button for testing can we have it do this?

    Manager: you know what... put it where it was a few days ago.

    Commit histories go craaazy. I usually just write "beautify"
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    FE devs trying to send a fucking email be like "mailto" 😏
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    Front ends are the most interchangeable piece of an applications atmosphere. They demand an architect capable of abstracting the layers appropriately and defining expectations. Alongside that, everyone thinks they understand UI/UX. In reality, a professional designer is needed, i mean someone who truly obsesses over this stuff day and night and possibly has aquired a few degrees in the realm. Thats how true beauty comes about is by people who want perfection. I dont envy the front end guys that are ALL IN or the architects. They are never finished learning. Every week is different it seems.
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    Stop putting things in boxes.

    Good HR means finding out what one person can do best.

    I _hate_ UI / UX concept wise. It drives me nuts to think about colors and all that stuff, and the responsible area for art has yet to be found in my brain.

    :) negotiation and finding compromises is what I do on a weekly basis in management / dev ops / dbms / what ever was shitted on the desk.
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