Manager after google went down: Hey I don't want our project to go like google. Once one server went down, gmail went down, then youtube, then drive, and everything else with it. Could we separate all of our features into different servers so that if one thing goes down, the rest aren't affected?


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    It's the chicken and the egg, as consumers we get upset that there are no other options.

    On the other hand we also don't seem to put much into exploring / supporting /using other options...

    So now we're used to it and confused why equivalent / easy to use alternatives don't just appear for us.
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    Just migrate all the fancy server stuff to p2p! How hard can it be?!

    While you're at it, add some git as well, I heard it's great for syncing offline/online data!
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    npm i google-but-PHP
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    Just tell him you need a high availability zone. To create one, you have to split the building in half, and add productivity enhancing things like rock walls, massage chairs, and latte bars as the conduit between them. This creates a buffer that massages then irascible electrons so the system does fail. When the electrons are happy, they naturally walk over to the systems that work.
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    Yes. It's called a cluster. Another thing is called DR [either aa or ap], or multiple DRs.
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    But... Do you guys have separate applications running on the same servers?

    Or is he just dumb and compared 2 features of a service to 2 entire applications?
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    >implying google has everything running on one computer

    As if that was the heart of the problem for *google*... The lack of servers...
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    But don't you want at least the email server separate so if your main site goes down, folk can email you to let you know..

    And your support forums, so you can let folk know, that you know your site is down and just be patient and wait. :-)

    I'm reminded of one big company whose system went down, and the only way to contact them was via FAX, since they didn't provide a contact phone number.. ( And I hadn't got access to a mobile number of anyone who worked there, like I usually like to do. :-) )

    I'm reminded one company, who had an alarm system to tell them when their server went down, found out it didn't work in practice..

    But not to worry, since I rang someone on their mobile when they was in the toilet to let them know. :-)

    But you can't always rely on someone like me..
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    I laugh-farted at this one. Thanks.
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    I'm reminded of a company that since it decided to have backup servers, those kind that are automatically linked and copy data across, and kick in when the primary server goes down..

    Well, since then, they have been no end of problems !

    Maybe they should just go back to one server, that when it is down, the service isn't working.

    Rather than, two servers fighting for whose going to go lazy eye today and play up just enough to annoy the customers, but not enough that anyone in charge notices until the customers start to say, it isn't working 100% !

    And low and behold if that happens on a Sunday when no one is at work..

    Yeah, a 24/7 service, and no one there on Sundays !

    And, all they seem to do, is restart the servers..

    No, you are supposed to actually fix the code !

    "Uneconomic to do so is their answer"...

    This is why customers go elsewhere..

    I've a free account, so it doesn't bother me so much. :-)

    Only if the person paying for it dies..
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    Yeah I used to work with disaster recovery solutions (well that's what we called then).

    Anyone going into the 'duplicate data across servers ... geography... etc' and doesn't treat those plans with respect / ... kinda full time job learning how it works.... gonna have a bad time.

    Companies that did it right did testing every month to see how fail overs work and check data and etc.
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    2node clusters are worse then single node. Ppl expect to have HA but they really do not. It's just wrong if you don't have quorum of some sort.
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