I love it how all issues are assigned to frontend, even tho they are backend.

Fucking amateurs

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    In my last company, issues were assigned to the wrong project all the time.
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    @rantsauce thats even worse haha
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    If end users are reporting the issues, how can they see the backend?
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    @wicho they can not, but support who assigns these 'issues' should either know who to assign to, or at least ask around before dumping everything on the frontend teams, it is pathetic.

    Now frontend jumps onto it, only to find out later that it relates to the backend.
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    I love how all issues are assigned to the network engineers, even though they are in the code.

    Sorry, couldn't resist :3
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    Oh my fucking god that is me too. Fucking open the chrome devtools, then click the fucking network tab, check the fucking requests there, final step don’t fucking waste my time ever again.
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    Give them a postman collection to double check
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    Well front end is what you *see*, so they *saw* a problem, must be front end.
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