A see a lot of ppl talking about shit junior devs do, this is good lets me know wat not to do

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    Don't be a junior dev.
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    Use google and your brain.
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    devRant in general has been a how not to fuck up manual for me, and a pretty good one at that.
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    I think if you make your project junior proof, it should be a good and efficient learning process along with a low risk one. Even a good reminder to senior to not create shit as well. Think twice about using your admin rights.

    Source control: disable commiting on main branches, PR with reviews for merges.
    Code: development guidelines, CI, best practices, document the general work process for fuck sake.

    With lazy senior devs comes confused juniors. Put yourself in their shoes, you were a junior before.
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    wk235 - Advice you've given to junior devs

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