Moving from Windows to Linux. Painful but happy. Need to see what to keep and what not. I hope my Kaspersky will run on Linux

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    Ha ha, don't need an anti virus man!!
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    @Plinn Kaspersky does run on Linux but it was revealed last week that the Linux version contains way to many critical vulnerabilities so yeah...
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    Is this a troll? If not, better get into PSAD, Fail2ban, UFW, Tripwire and AppArmor. No need for Kaspersky, only if you want to scan things passing your system on their way to a Windows victim. There is a lot you can do about hardening your box.
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    @stuqshwk lel "no need for that tool you know that also happens to be available for another OS, just learn these five new tools you never saw before and you're good."
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    @Flygger Those tools do give a much more thorough protection than kaspersky(Which primarily detects windows threats, The Linux version is intended for use on servers which may deliver files to windows clients).

    Just having AppArmor or SELinux enabled(default in most distros) and avoiding untrusted software (or atleast not running untrusted software as root) will keep you pretty darn safe, The rest of the tools are aimed at detecting and blocking attacks (useful for public facing servers, not really needed on a desktop)
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    Thanks for your recommendations guys!
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