Screwdriver followup ticket, day three. No progress made, no fucks given.

I am tired.

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    Does it have a telescopic sight yet, or is that gonna be v2?
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    Dearest empress @Root,

    well done, my lady. Don't give a single flying fuck. Did you manage to fill up your inventory of rum?
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    @homo-lorens That’s a good description of the current feature requests, actually 🙄

    @rootofskynet Not yet. Just whiskey and gin. The whiskey is sitting on my desk. 😊. Who said working while tipsy was a bad idea?
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    @Root well, definitely not me. xD
    have a good one! skål! 🍻
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    You know that wonderful stateless, modular approach you used? It’s great, right? Super fast and clean and easy to test. Let me just take a crap on that. 😃

    I now want a section that shows a summary of all the other sections. Good luck!
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    But will it blend?
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    just ask them if they’d rather have a whole operating system at that point
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    @Root it seems this human project is a failure. And clearly, it should be stopped...
    Or you could show his Doctor Who's screwdriver so he can understand... It'll still suck but a least on a nerdy way
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    Day five.
    I did about half a day’s work this week.
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    From that guy's perspective it's pretty straightforward. He gives you impossible task, you either deliver or get tipsy. It's a win-win for him, right?
    This might be a test of your limits and he just nailed it.
    You just might make that screwdriver usefull going scubadiving and have it authenticate to the authorities while drunk-driving all on your own.
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    @AtuM I am drunk driving my meat suit right now
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    Did you bring the screwdriver?
    Hope you took a cab.
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    @g3g3g4g23g32g 😂
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    @hjhe5ig5reoi5re 😂😂😂
    Keep it up. You are making my night!
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    @hjhe5ig5reoi5re Aw. 😔
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