Storytime - The Prometheus tales - Part III (I think..).

Updated the node definitions on the old node today, just to keep it up to date. nothing fancy.

I went to the new node and and checked the setup again. I already had roughly 120 node definitions onboard for testing purposes.

so all firewalls should have been configured the right way, so that the wee one might celebrate the marriage with the rest of the gang finally.. and then went with "puppet YOLO" on the new node. added every fkn node definition to the new setup.

every node turned out just to be fine.

except for 137 little InstanceDown alerts (out of 600+).
it's a good thing, that the little fella can send mails to me, myself and I only for the time being.

so debugging. again. but at least it's not a problem related to prometheus itself, because the connections end with a timeout on the related nodes. should be more like a firewall fubar.

we will see.

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    ... Less because of Victoria Metrics, more because "you're not alone". And it might give a few insights.
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    Owwww I thought this was aliens vs predator Prometheus
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    @bashleigh sorry to disappoint, buts it's only monitoring bullshittery.

    Anyhow a Aliens vs. Predator/Prometheus mashup does sound quite interesting. 🤔
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    @rootofskynet technically, Prometheus is the prequel ;)
    Then there was a second film which I didn’t particularly like because I was hoping to see the engineers but it made sense in the alien story :p I think the 3rd of the trilogy was cancelled? So only fan concepts exist which is why I thought this was a fan concept 😂😂
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    @bashleigh I know that Prometheus is the prequel 😉 and it was a good movie. covenant is somehow.. different. indeed, it fits better in the storyline of alien. more engineer(ing) adventures would be nice but strictly speaking from the visual aspect, it's not a bad movie at all.

    and unfortunately I've heard recently too, that there won't be a final part of that trilogy. it's a pity.
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