"If we have trouble using something then it’s probably because that thing is badly designed, rather than us being stupid." - Dmitry Fadeyev

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    No, at least not all the time.
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    I think Dmitry is badly designed.
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    Naïve induction of this claim is far ahead from my deadlines.
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    There are no stupid people. Only people who are baffled at how badly designed the pull sign on that door they failed to open is.
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    Usually it's not because is badly designed, but because is badly documented
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    @SortOfTested typical design flaw the door should just open no matter what side you push it even left and right should not matter.
    I do think designs can be better but a lot of designs have to confirm to real world limitations. The door that opens from anywhere will be hard to secure for example. Given those constraints and and easy to learn concepts (yes it still needs to be learned) it's good enough or the best possible.
    The hamburger menu or 3 dot menu are now concepts almost everyone knows but once they where a design flaw by this definition.
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