"This is ridiculous, why don't the docs explain this? This is absurd, it seems like thousands of people should be having this issue. Why do maintainers fucking not get it? Why write software if you don't intend for anyone else to use it?"


"Hey, could you explain X to me? I'm having trouble understanding it."
"Sure, here: ..."
"Thanks - maybe we could add it to the docs, that's the first place I looked."
"Absolutely, good idea."
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Which one was easier, folks? It's not this difficult. 100% going to help you if you ask - to me, at least, there's no such thing as a stupid question (seriously, I'll answer the most inane questions 100 times over if I need to). However, there's definitely a stupid comment, and unfortunately they seem to be the majority I receive on Github.

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    The first one among friends, colleaguas and my internal voice

    The second one in the github issue
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    If you want something for nothing, it is best to come with respect, if not hat in hand.
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    As a coder i normally go with the first one. There is only so much stupidity and obvious bullshit a single mind can endure before losing its sanity.
    Using current "services" or "apps" has become as stressful as watching world news...
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    If you bring a knife to a gun fight...

    aka "you want something from a person, maybe start by not threatening them"
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    Yes! Let's make this world a better place!
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