Why do recruiters say you need 5 years of experience for a certain framework when the framework was released 2 fucking years ago. Don't they consult with engineers what they want or do they just think of a random fucking number and write it down. And why do they think the OOPs concepts are totally different for all programming languages?? Also the job descriptions are usually very vague and ambiguous.

JD for SDET: you will work with engineers and help build scalable solutions bla bla

JD for SDE: you will work to build scalable solutions bla bla

Is this deliberately done so that a poor candidate wastes his or her time applying for a wrong position or even giving an interview??

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    I'm sure some times it is just stupid.

    Other times ... I suspect they want to discourage applicants so they can say they had no qualified applicants and then hire an H1B...
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    They already know the candidate they want, or they want to get no candidates so they can get a cheaper person from the outsource pool to fill the position. Its all box checking.
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    Yeah, HRs barely consult with the Engineering team. Sometimes, they copied a JD from somewhere and posted on their own

    They think they know what others want
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    >>don't they consult with the engineers

    Lol HR is AIDS muh dude
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