Is it just because I'm using large fonts... Or on bc I'm using an (Amazon Fire) tablet?

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    Tip for amazon fire tablets:

    Just don’t.
    And if you did, burn&bin it, and don’t do it again.
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    @Root y not.... Was cheap and well except the 32bit n Android 9 still... Decent.

    Not that hard to remove the ads and basically turn it into a regular tablet?
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    @donuts Oh god that UI.
    And the permissions.
    And the settings.
    And just how bloody clunky everything about it is.
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    @Root clunky? Bc low RAM?

    UI stuff... Easy fix?

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    @Root what permissions?
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    @donuts multi user.

    Individual user permissions and app installs, constantly typing in pin. The settings is almost as confusing as AWS.

    I bought a couple for my children, and every time I need to do anything as simple as installing a new app for them, it takes me half a fucking hour.
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    It’s bc someone can’t into styles
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    @Root oh ok. Yes I see the icon on the top, not sure how it works though as I have no need for it.

    I don't need any PINS to install stuff but prolly cuz it's like a parental control thing to keep kids from installing things themselves or charging your credit card?

    Isn't there a root user that can install things for everyone else though?
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    @donuts Privileged users, not a root user.

    But no, you need to sign into their profile for a lot of it, your profile for some of it. And changing to your profile to disable some of the protections so you can change or install things, switching profiles, doing whatever, then switching back and re-enabling them afterwards. There is a lot of back and forth.

    Instead of taking three steps to do something like on an iPad, it takes twenty five or more.

    And if you don’t do it correctly, you have two copies of the same app installed, or you’ve forgotten to turn purchases off again and suddenly your toddler buys a $20 recurring monthly payment in HappyGlass. Or something is installed but not visible for them.

    Also, just finding the apps installed on the tablet is difficult, especially in the child “free time” mode. There they don’t have names, and seemingly disappear randomly. (Also, the colors are ugly; it’s like Amazon has an approved primary colors list that only includes cyan, brown, green, and red.)

    Whoever designed these really made a mess of things.
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