I have been working 100 hours per week for the last 4 years. I had to deal with many stress issues, eyes, pain and headaches.

But nothing has scared me like my college life. For some reason, I still get nightmares about the viva exams.

What's wrong with me?

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    Tests and exams suck.

    At work you can know a lot of variables, what you need to do, if shit doesn't work you fix it and it works and you roll on.

    Exams are an unknown before you start and when they're over they're just over and if it broke (didn't go well) then there you are ... no fixing.
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    If you have to be believed, 100 hours per week is going to kill you sooner or later
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    Yeah. Don’t do it. There was a code legend at a company I worked at. Every hour was spent working.

    He retired then discovered a health problem and died two months later.

    There are other parts of life besides work. Whether or not you feel stressed out is irrelevant. There is an opportunity cost for everything.
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