which one is better?

sitting on a comfortable chair with foot rest,
having very powerful computer,
having the best IDE's with UI designers,
ML based auto completions,
Free food. but $4000 per month


sitting on an average chair without foot rest,
having average computer,
having only notepad or vim*, without UI designers
NO auto completions!
paid food. but $40000 per month

* Vim is actually very nice text editor

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    The latter, you can retire in just over 2 years.
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    The latter. And you can use the extra money to buy a better chair and computer! Get both worlds!
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    Depends on where you live. taxes may render both options invalid.
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    I'll take the $40k and get that chair at home. Where do I sign?
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    I don't think that I need to program at all when you give me 40 K per month without limits.

    Why even bother about paid food?

    Take the money and get the hookers...

    Or in my case, finally money to build that resort I always wanted.
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    Dumb question. After first month you can buy IDE, ppwerful computer, shitloads of food, foot rest, chair and even a new office.
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    For $40000 per month I would sit on a bed of nails and type on a keyboard covered with barbed wire on an editor made with electron. The last part would be the worst but it’s doable.
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