All errors have to be written, so fuck the person who wrote C.

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    Please explain why? Infact I argue C is the best language ever invented.
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    Also Dennis Richie and the guys a bell labs did more for this industry than you have. And errors... almost always YOUR fault.
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    The language does not determine the error messages, that's the compiler and linker.
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    @olback ohhhh yeah duh.. lol very good point. Sooo OP what compiler you using?
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    I do understand your frustration if you're working with IAR products.
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    Define "errors" please. C has integers, not errors. Errors in C are easier to understand than just about any other language because it's just a simple number and an error string in most cases.
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    @TheAwesome98 dude you must have massive balls to imagine you'd be more than a compiler warning in dennis ritchie's code let alone expect a long shot at His Holy Asshole.

    @olback IAR is an IDE, MPLAB also sucks fat cocks but how does all this affect the language?

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    @QuanticoCEO Maybe 30 years ago C was the best language ever. It's not 30 years ago anymore
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