Have you guys ever seen another dev at you work just completely lose it? How do you cope with stress, rage, frustration at work? (other than DevRant) Stories, please.

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    I used to work with a guy that treated how job as a profession and craft. Back then I didn't and no one else I worked did.

    He used to see people constantly fuck over the time and effort he put into designing a good, clean and understandable solution (perhaps sometimes me I don't know), and he would straight lose it.

    He used to stand up smash his keyboard on his desk, walk out of the open office. It was amusing but at the time I didn't understand his point of view. He left the company which was for the best.
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    Once upon a time I lost it and told a co-worker he writes crap code during a meeting.

    He got upset and we never talked since that day. In about two months he left our team
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    I watch porn after every scrum meeting where the manager demands a new feature which was never intended to work with the current architecture
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    @craig939393 I need to leave my company or at least team...
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    @chowdercake were don't have scrum meetings or sprint planning...

    We just have an endless stem of working with changing priorities and unclear requirements...

    Half the sprint is to actually figure out wtf the actual requirements are...
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    @donuts it's cute that you think in our scrum we actually discuss what's going to happen next

    When I say scrum, I mean the only part of the day where I have to listen to those management peeps.

    We get changes throughout the day, hell even at night
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    @chowdercake fck and I thought my team was just bad and not really agile like everyone else...
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