Was struggling with depression and stress for an extended period. So, naturally, I had more sickdays than average.
However, I was still managing to overperform on my goals, so when it came time to discuss salary I was hopeful.

Didn't get a raise, not even a pat on the back. My manager told me he couldn't justify giving me the raise I had earned simply because I had had too many sick days. So my actual performance didn't count. Everybody else got raises though.

On a previous occasion he told me that I had to 'Learn what it means to have a job' and get my priorities straight. I told him I already had very little social life so I could spend what little energy I had on work. I tried to explain to him how depression works and he assured me he understood.

Yeah, right. My colleague with back problems, who suddenly couldn't walk, didn't get that treatment.

Depression is real. I'm so glad they ended up firing me so I could work for a place that cares.

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    Fuck that place.
    Fuck him.
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    @Letmecode The thought had crossed my mind, but it does not seem like it. Not according to multiple specialist doctors.

    Yes, performance should count. In a fixed system like that, the rules should be the same for everyone.

    But that place was so bogged down in bureaucracy it was like registration and kpi's were more important than doing the actual work.
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    I've never taken a sick day due to depression alone (although I worked sometimes just as much as if I had). I only took a day when I had cramps in my stomach due to anxiousness. The reason being that I fear exactly the same thing - people not understanding mental issues.
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    @Bikonja I'm sorry to hear that you feel that way - that you are not allowed to be sick when you are sick.

    It still amazes me how taboo and stigmatized mental illness is, despite the fact that about 10% of the population will experience stress or depression at some point during their lifetime.

    For me, I had periods of sometimes days in a row where I was physically unable to get out of bed, much less work.
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    I have had depression for 8+ years, but I'm bipolar now. Not a very good state of mind, but I feel it's better than depression. At least I now manage to laugh once in a while.

    I'm with you @pleuph here, have a pat on your brave back buddy. Whenever you feel low, know that there are more important things to do, for example, being awesome. Not matter what you do, be awesome always. I know it's not easy, but I try.
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    Most people don't understand depression or acknowledge it. At times, I've woken up on time, got ready to leave, but then decided to apply for sick leave and locked myself at home because I was feeling down.

    You don't need to explain or justify yourself. I hope you get stronger soon. Keep going, buddy.
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    @floatright Thanks, I am much, much better now that I work in a great environment :-)
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