Is it only me or has devRant been slow the lady few days?

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    Located in Asia. Fast on my end. 100mbps download speed, around 40 Mbps for upload.
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    Could it be it's just you who's faster lately?
    // matter of perspective
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    devRant has newer been fast 😔
    Only one time when dfox migrated to a beefier server in 2017 there was a slight performance boost. The devRant bouncing loading logo only bounced 2 times instead of 4 times in the app.

    If it's really slow try switching your dns server to like cloudflares 1111 and have a look if it makes a difference. — The free app that makes your Internet faster.
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    Fiiiine in the USA. As fine as anything is.
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    It has been ok in the UK so far.
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